Pico Taqueria


One day, 4 friends had the thought, "Let's open a restaurant!" But what will we serve? TACOS! That is the short version as to how Dylan Moot, Nathan Moot, Rosie Moot, and Kate Andyjohn opened Pico Taqueria. Our family run outdoor restaurant invites you to come try out our creative take on a classic dish that everyone can relate to. Our motto is "you can put anything on a taco" and new creations are being made every day from the bounty of the eastern shore. Our unique menu and specials will always showcase new flavors and combinations to try. So come check us out, we're between the banks on the Maddox. We'll see you at Pico!

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6382 Maddox Blvd, Chincoteague Island, VA

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