Dough Boys California Pizza


You’ve hit the jackpot – pizza Nirvana – the proverbial mother of all resort deals in the heat of summer. FREE PIZZA! Life IS that good in Virginia Beach at Dough Boy’s California Pizza. You gotta dine in, though. Hey, and you gotta buy one to get one. Check out THE coupon on our COUPON PAGE, if you don’t believe it. But, maybe you don’t want pizza. You wanna pasta. Noooo problemo. Home baked lasagna. Baked Spaghetti. Penne Pasta ala Vodka – no, you won’t get drunk on noodles – it just sounds really fancy and tastes totally excellent. If you really have the munchies, we have Buffalo Wings, Mega Big Burgers and those Greek things called Gyros; they pronounce ‘em yeeros. Philly fans we got, and Philly’s we serve, as good as you know they should be. Or how ’bout a Cal-zone – mama mia. It’s hard to decide, but you’ll figure it out while everyone orders another Orange Crush!

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3224 Atlantic Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

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