Chef Brian Wegener


Esoteric’s Executive Chef Brian Wegener has been in the culinary industry for 15+ years, although he is only 30 years old he has a sage wisdom

and passion for food beyond his years. Chef Brian has worked in kitchens such as Burton’s Grill and Eurasia before coming on board to open Esoteric as the sous chef. His talent, workmanship and leadership were quickly recognized by the Chastains, owner of Esoter- ic, and he was quickly promoted to Executive Chef. Chef describes his culinary style and Esoteric’s food as Modern American Cuisne with a worldly influence. While you may find such comfort foods as wings and Filet Mignon on their menu, Brian also includes clas- sic Greek Cypriot dishes such as Dolmades and Pas- titsio as well. Chef is especially passionate about the large on premise garden at Esoteric, where he and his fellow sous and staff plan, maintain and harvest vegetables and herbs nearly year round. Chef is an excellent leader and truly enjoys highlighting his team and all their accomplishments. Chef’s commitment is to perfectly execute high quality ingredients; coupled with incredible ambiance and service, for the perfect dining experience. 

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01 Nov 2017

By Kristina Chastain